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Tax Advice In Port Melbourne


"I don't have the money to pay my GST/Tax bill" "I think I might be paying more tax than I should"

These are some of the common questions we hear from new clients. The truth is that if you or your business is making money, then you will have to pay tax. So the idea should not be that you want to pay zero tax, but rather not to pay more than you are required to.

Many businesses or their advisers are not proactive in the way they approach tax planning and the result is you end up giving more money to the tax man than necessary.

What can MP Tax do to help you?

If you think that you are paying more tax than your fair share, we can take a look at your financials to see what you have been paying, and compare it to what you should be paying.

We can then discuss some tax strategies to help reduce your end of quarter or yearly tax bill, as well as implement ways to make sure you always have enough money aside to pay your debts.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

Contact us today to see how we can help put you or your business on the right path.

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