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Planning for the future in association with Liacopoulos Lawyers

Port Melbourne's Estate Planning Experts

Estate Planning involves much more than having an up to date will. Ensuring that your assets are distributed in the most effective manner and without adverse tax consequences for your beneficiaries can often be overlooked.

When the time comes, you want to be sure that you will not add to your family's hardships and to make sure that your hard earned assets stay in the right hands.

In association with our partners at Liacopoulos Lawyers, we can help you protect your family's inheritance and offer guidance as to what would happen should anything happen to you.

Establishing a will can be more complex than simply deciding whom you want to leave your assets to.  Not

all assets you own or control can be dealt with under your will, such as assets owned in joint tenancy or held in a company or trust.

An understanding of which assets pass into your estate is required and this why speaking to a professional is vital.

What can MP Tax do to help you?

We can assist with;

  • Simple Wills

  • Sophisticated Wills incorporating Testamentary Trust structures

  • Wills incorporating Special Disability trust structures

  • Mutual Wills

  • Powers of Attorney (Financial and Medical)

  • Advanced Health Care Directives

  • Superannuation Death Benefit Nominations

  • Business Structuring

  • Challenging a Will

  • and more...

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