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Buying a House

Getting the best deal possible in association with Direct Mortgages

Mortgage Brokering In Port Melbourne

It's the great Australian Dream to own your home, but in recent years that has become harder than ever in an ever challenging market consisting of changing prices, over development and difficulties from the banks.


That is why it is critical to have experienced brokers that have relationships with multiple lenders to help you get the best deal when buying a property. That is why MP Tax & Business Solutions have teamed up with Direct Mortgages to help streamline the process in getting your loan finalised.


Save Time

Getting your loan approved for your family home or investment property can be a long process, however the combination of our accountants and brokers working in unison to finalise the deal will make the process as quick as possible and help you get through the door faster.


As trusted mortgage brokers, Direct Mortgages have recognised accreditations and a wealth of experience in home loans and can help customers in all types of situations to achieve the best result for their individual circumstances.

Make the bank work for you

By giving us your best quote details we can use this as leverage to get a bank that wants your business to put together a better deal. They do not advertise this service and rarely offer it to individuals but due to our strong negotiating power as mortgage brokers, we can get them to cut their profit margins to win your business.

Best of all, its free!

We don't charge our customers anything if your home loan is approved. In the unlikely event we can't find you a better mortgage deal you will have not paid us a cent so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Contact us today to see how we can help you get the deal you deserve.

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