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Plan the road ahead

Over the summer many of us will be planning holidays and road trips all over the country.

We will pack everything we need, check the weather, open up Google Maps to look at the traffic and be off on our way.

It goes without saying that you need to plan how to get to your destination before you get there, but how many of us plan the same way in our business?

Planning and goal setting is key to any successful venture. Even just by writing down targets you wish to achieve in the next 3,6,12 or 24 months, can provide you with the necessary focus you need to keep moving the right direction when things get complicated.

And that isn't just for new businesses either, as even businesses that have had success before need to make sure they are thinking ahead.

Without planning, you may not have the necessary framework in place in order to manage a new opportunity that may be available to you.

There is no Google Maps for success, so set up your own route. Write down your business goals in a textbook, whiteboard on your phone wallpaper and keep yourself on track.

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