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A quick way to make $600 for Summer 2019

Whenever we speak to one of our clients about ways they can save some money, the first question we ask "What is your monthly phone bill?"

We find that most people are spending minimum $70 a month on their phone plan, and many still spending over $100.

In the last year Australian mobile phone plans have fallen dramatically, and we believe it is the easiest way to save at least $50 a month - and $600 a year.

At the time of writing, Optus, Vodafone, Belong and other leading Australian telco's have SIM only plans for $30-$40 a month. These plans provide you with unlimited calls and text messages, as well as data limits over 15GB.

Telephone companies often improve on their prices every year and your plan could be very well be outdated. It is definitely worth having a quick check with your provider online to see if you can get a better a deal.

We find that it often pays in the long term to have a shorter contract, SIM only plan. This will allow you to change providers whenever a better deal pop ups and to take advantage of any sign up bonuses. Plus, you will avoid monthly handset repayments that keep you shackled to the same low value plan for 2 years.

Have a look today and let us know how much you saved next time you see one of our team.

A summer beach holiday could be affordable with an extra $600.

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