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Tax Returns are due soon, What's your excuse for not lodging?

As the October 31st due date for tax return lodgement rolls around, ABC News interviewed Assistant Commissioner of the ATO, Karen Float, about some of the crazy excuses some taxpayers have used to explain their late, or complete lack of lodgement.

From simple excuses of "I thought my wife completed it for me", to more fun examples of "A mouse ate all my receipts".

The only way to get around the 31st of October due date is to have your return filed by a registered tax agent, but you must register with one before October 31st. If not being sure about lodging your tax return is holding you back from getting it done, don't wait! Our friendly team are experts and can assist you with all things tax.

So save the wacky excuses for someone else and contact MP Tax & Business Solutions to book an appointment today.

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