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Tigers v Pies

Tonight is the big clash between two of the biggest AFL clubs, the Richmond Tigers and the Collingwood Magpies.

Both of these teams have had successful seasons in 2018, but we wanted to look at which of the two has been most successful off the field. So we decided to take a look at the 2017 annual reports for both teams.

Richmond 2017 Annual Report analysis:

The Tigers have been on fire over the last two years and this also holds true for their finances.

In 2017 The Tigers reported $65,164,372 in Revenue, up from $47,538,233 in 2016. That's an increase of 37%! Not bad at all. Their total Net Profit for 2017 came in at $3,063,298, a fantastic result for the club.

As for their balance sheet they reported $37,332,992 in total assets. This included nearly $10 million in cash and cash equivalents and $22 million in property, plant and equipment. Richmond's total liabilities came in at $10,034,973 leaving them with Net Assets of $27,154,369. This is a very healthy balance sheet and shows that Richmond are kicking goals both on and off the field.

Collingwood 2017 Annual Report analysis:

Similarly to the Tigers, the Magpies have very solid financials. Collingwood reported revenue of $77,709,877, over $12 million more than Richmond! However, after expenses they had a Net Loss of $2,732,624. They did have a depreciation expense of $4,278,186 which is a non cash expense. Without this amount they too like Richmond would have made a healthy profit in 2017.

Their balance sheet is quite impressive. They reported $48,713,041 in total assets, within this amount was cash and cash equivalents of $10,158,018 and property, plant and equipment of $32,959,174. Their total liabilities were reported as $16,134,623, leaving them with Net Assets of $32,578,418.

Both clubs are in very healthy positions financially, which is a credit to both clubs as they both have had financial difficulties in the past. If we had to select the 'bigger' club financially then we would have to give it to Collingwood as they have greater net assets than Richmond by $5,424,049. But Collingwood will need to keep on their toes as that figure has reduced significantly from 2016 when it was $11,219,971.

As for the game tonight we think the Tiges will be the victor but only just, then again you just never know what can happen in a preliminary final!

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